Atlas America Travelers Insurance provides comprehensive medical coverage for non-US citizens visiting USA. During travel it can cover hospital, doctor, and pharmacy bills from sickness or injury.

Atlas America is a premier health insurance for visitors to USA. The plan uses the Multiplan PHCS PPO network; coverage details provided in the brochure. Claims can be paid directly to the hospital or doctor.

It is the only medical insurance for visitors that can cover up to $50,000 for a sudden & acute onset of pre-existing conditions for visitors up to age 70. Also, it is the only plan that can cover heart attacks (up to age 79) in spite of the insured being diabetic or taking cholesterol or blood-pressure drugs.

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BBB Accredited Business
  • Hospital, Doctor & Prescription Drugs
  • Upto $50,000 for acute onset of pre-existing conditions (less than 70 age)
  • Heart attack coverage for those with pre-ex issues (less than 79 age)
  • Plan offers 100% of eligible expenses after the annual deductible if PPO Network is used
  • PPO discounts & coverage in all US states

Our Promise

Our Promise
  • To Be Your Advocate
  • To Have the Best Prices
  • To offer only trusted US plans
  • To Charge NO FEES

Atlas America Insurance Experience

Achala S, who was visiting her children in the US said, 'I cut my finger quite badly in the kitchen; it was a bad cut and I had to get some help.

I sought help at Patient's First, I gave them my Atlas America insurance ID card and the Doctor & Nurse took care of my cut finger...
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If you travel frequently and you undertake numerous trips in a year and the trip lengths are less than 30 days then you can save on premium by

considering an annual travel insurance plan; see

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